Education is changing along with everything else.  That’s why we designed 21c Jewish Academy based on today’s research of the most effective and efficient ways that children absorb information and become independent thinkers.
For each child to thrive academically and emotionally there needs to be a learning environment that is stimulating yet supportive for each child.  21c Jewish Academy’s design includes small group interaction between teacher and students, collaborative group based projects and assignments, and reinforcement of basic fundamentals and skills with high-tech computer teaching programs.  In this "blended model” of teacher-led and digital learning students become more actively involved in the learning experience, developing the skills of initiation, creative and independent thinking, group participation, utilization of computer resources and feeling great about their ability to learn.   These are the same 21st-century skills that will make each child successful in higher education and the future economy.

Jewish life is changing.  That's why we are committed to a school where all Jewish children can grow together with mutual respect and accommodation.   Through the gifts of Jewish literacy and Hebrew fluency, we are committed to empowering your family to shape your child's Jewish choices.

How schools are created is also changing.  At 21c Jewish Academy parental involvement in the school's formation and development is a key part of making the school successful.  Your input matters; we have already adopted the great ideas of parents to make the school the best it can be.  Here is your chance to be part of building the future of your family’s Jewish education!

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Welcome to your family's Jewish educational future!